Vote for clean energy.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals are making clean energy a reality in every state in the country. Yet lobbyists and corporate polluters have used their political influence to slow our transition to cleaner, more affordable energy and the benefits that come with it. It's time to change that.

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We're putting a face on the clean energy movement happening in your community.

More clean energy means more good-paying, local jobs, a healthier environment, and lower energy bills. It's no surprise that clean energy is also extremely popular, with more than 80% of Americans in favor.

By connecting the 700,000 people who work in the U.S. clean energy industry with voters in their community, we intend to make clean energy a winning election issue!


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Consumers are saying they want clean energy, but our political leaders aren't delivering.

Fossil fuel companies want to protect their aging power plants and avoid competition. These industries spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year lobbying politicians to kill competition and continue investing in dirtier, more expensive energy.

It’s a destructive cycle of corruption and greed that prevents Americans from choosing how they power their lives. They only get away with it because so far voters haven't demanded a change.


The only way to break this cycle is to build a movement of Americans from all backgrounds who demand more access to clean energy.

By showing that clean energy is benefiting every community in America, we can beat the status quo and elect leaders who want what's best for us, not fossil fuel companies.

Get Involved

Our advantage is people power. That's why we need people like you to help us talk to voters about why they should vote on clean energy issues!


We're going up against some of the most powerful industries in America, and we need your help! Every single dollar goes directly to facilitating the meaningful conversations between clean energy workers and voters (think organizers, local offices, literature and other resources) that will help us WIN.

Are you a clean energy advocate running for office yourself? Shoot us a note and introduce yourself!