Most people do not realize that more than 62% of American clean energy growth since 2000 has been driven by state Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), which are laws that mandate that a state get a certain percentage of its energy from renewable sources by a given year.

Because of the RPS, is actually the people of the states, not the U.S. federal government, who have been the primary drivers behind the U.S. clean energy boom over the last few years. That boom now employs more than 2.5 million people and has reduced air and water pollution to improve health for millions more.

However, most states have already hit or exceeded their original RPS targets. It’s time to raise them so we can hit the next level.

If we put an initiative on the ballot in 2018 to extend Arizona’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, we can continue growing a strong renewable energy economy for our state.

Renewable energy is incredibly popular in Arizona. Majorities across political parties want to see more. Because a ballot initiative takes an issue directly to the people, we don’t need the cooperation of politicians to take our energy future into our own hands. If we get an expanded RPS on the ballot, it will become law directly.

More renewable energy means more good-paying jobs. It means cleaner air and water, and a safer environment for our kids.

We need 226,000 signatures to get on the ballot. Add your name today, and volunteer or donate to help us get the rest of the way. Together, we can choose a brilliant energy future for Arizona.