What does clean energy offer Americans? 


Renewable energy - unlike energy produced from fossil fuels - includes energy produced from resources that are not depleted as they are used. This includes solar, wind, hydroelectric, and even geothermal energy.

Clean energy offers many benefits to all Americans, including:

  • Stable and often cheaper energy prices due to no reliance on input fuels
  • Local development, construction, maintenance, manufacturing and other jobs (that can't be outsourced) building clean energy projects. In fact, jobs in clean energy exist in every state!
  • Cleaner air and water, by displacing dirtier fossil fuels that generate pollution and hurt public health.
  • Energy independence and a stronger grid that is more resilient to blackouts or attack.

Clean energy already employs the most power generation jobs despite being a small part of the energy mix.


According to a recent Environmental Defense Fund report, solar and wind are creating jobs at a pace 12x faster than the rest of the US economy.

Imagine what a focused commitment to building a modern, clean energy infrastructure could mean for the future prosperity of America.


So where do we go from here? 

The easiest way to modernize our energy system and expand the clean energy economy is to develop more renewable energy sources. If our leaders won't put us on that path, the voters will. 

Together, we can help unlock all the jobs as well as the financial and public health benefits that clean energy provides!